IMG_1365Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Emily Engel and I am the creator and sole producer of Lil’ Bernie. I am a self-taught professional seamstress. I own and operate a tailoring and alterations shop in Ludlow, MA which opened in 2013. Along with mending clothes, I’ve been making dolls for six years and also cross-stitch.

How did Lil’ Bernie come about?
I knew I wanted to support Bernie Sanders’ campaign any way I could, and what better way than a needle and thread? I have a very grass-roots career and I knew that fellow Bernie supporters would appreciate that. In the first eight days of Lil’ Bernie being available to the public, In the first round of sales in September 2015, I sold 150 dolls and donated $2,700 to Bernie’s campaign. The second round of orders opened up the day after Christmas 2015 and I sold 25 dolls IN ONE MINUTE and an additional 175 in eleven hours. And on April 1, 2016, the third round, I sold 250 dolls in 17 minutes.

Are you still taking orders?
Yes, but the wait is considerable. The form to order is on the main page of this site.

How much are the dolls?
They are being sold for $75, shipping not included. These dolls are now considered political memorabilia, and only a certain amount have been made.

I ordered a doll on June 8, 2016; when can I expect it to arrive?
ALL of the April orders have been shipped and delivered. Mind you, that was 342 dolls in four months. That’s 3 dolls a day on average, plus working full time, eating and sleeping. And again, I MAKE ALL OF THEM MYSELF.

Again: I had major surgery on my stomach in early June which put me out for close to a month, plus a serious complication. None of it was anticipated, so it set me back in terms of scheduling. I reported this on this page as well as my website.

Also, essential supplies were back ordered for close to three weeks. If you want to blame someone, blame the Darice company. I could afford to purchase the materials I needed one at a time, as it would’ve cost a fortune, so I needed bulk. At the end of the day, this work is my livelihood, and like the rest of you, my bills don’t pay themselves.

I DO NOT HAVE SPECIFIC ETAs ON SHIPPING! So please don’t ask. Everyone ordered the same day and I simply go down the list. And no, I do not have the list on hand 24 hours a day to check.

NO ONE has been forgotten.
NO ONE is being “ripped off.”

EVERYONE will receive an email notification when their doll has shipped.
EVERYONE will get what they paid for by Christmas, the latest.

Thank you for your continued patience.

What are the specs of the doll?
Lil’ Bernie stands at 1-ft tall and 6-inches wide. His eyes are made of black hook buttons and the clothing and glasses are handmade. He’s stuffed with polyester fiberfill.

Where will you ship?
I will ship anywhere within the United States.

What is your refund policy?
You will be refunded for your purchase if your doll is damaged or lost by the USPS. Otherwise, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.